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Sunday, December 6, 2020

70 Simple Daily Habits You Can Do For Health, Physical Fitness & Health


Among the most significant roadblocks that individuals inform me, they have time. We are all residing in an incredibly hectic, wound up, go throughout the day sort of world. Getting in eating healthy and workouts and stress decrease can be a challenge when you're attempting to handle work, family, relationships, and more. (Believe me - I am right there with you!).

I talked with one of our physical fitness retreat visitors recently, and she wanted simple, broken down concepts of what she might do instantly when she returned home. Modification appeared frustrating for her, and I understand it is for many other individuals too. So I decided to develop this simple list of 70 simple daily habits to explain what you can do right now to make small modifications in your daily routine.

My goal was to have you pick one from any of the three classifications below to concentrate on for that day. You can continue to practice the same habit, or you can select a different one every day. You can encompass a week if you choose. Either way, the list was created to reveal to you that there are many other little tweaks you can make to make a difference in your health and health. Focus on what you need most and what feels right for you! 



Include a brand-new color food (yellow, red, green, purple, white, orange, blue). 

Attempt a brand-new food. 

Eat at least one serving of vegetables and fruits daily. 

Use part control. 

Consume all unprocessed foods. 

Have a no sweets day.

Consume water.

"Healthy" is an otherwise unhealthy meal. 

Have protein at each meal (can be animal or plant-based). 

Chew your food thoroughly. 

Eat without distractions. 

Eat sitting down instead of standing up. 

Meal preparation. 

Limitation of caffeine in the afternoon. 

No white/refined carbohydrates. 

If you consume so, you can decide which healthy product you'll have, look ahead to the menu. 

No artificial sweeteners. 

Add in healthy fats. 

Stop before you're packed (you can have the rest later). 

Take a multi. 

Get in your Omega 3s. 

Take quick treats with you if you'll be taking a trip or on the go.

Look for recipes from cookbooks or online blogs if you need inspiration. 


Make time for recovery (stretch, foam roll, dynamic flexibility). 

Try a brand-new workout. 

Change your current exercise (pace, sets, reps, weight, interval time, etc.). 

Take your workout outside. 

Track your development, so you understand what's working and what isn't. 

If you're not exactly sure where to begin - seek assistance from an expert so you can get going. 


Something is better than nothing (even 5 minutes). 

Benefit from vacation time and get in regular exercises. Don't do it (injury discomfort) if it causes you pain. If you have injuries - look for a professional to fix the root of the problem. Obstacle yourself a bit more today than you did the other day.

Try an outdoor activity instead of a traditional exercise (go paddle boarding, biking, trekking, cross country skiing).

Help a pal get to the gym if they lack motivation. 

If you can't get to the fitness center, do a workout at home (push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, slab, bridge, and the list goes on ...). 

Take the stairs. 

Park in the area furthest away from the structure. 

Use a standing desk or a suitable location where you can stand. 

Get up every 15-30 minutes to walk the building or the workplace. 


Schedule your workout before work (if you never get to it after work). 

Walk to lunch.

Walk to work. 

Bike to work. 

Scope out fitness centers or walking/running routes so you can still get in exercises if you're traveling. 



Start a gratitude journal.

Write down something favorable about yourself or your life every day. 

Name three wins from yesterday. 

Name three wins you desire from today. 

Get outside and into the fresh air. 


Read five pages a day. 

Turn electronic devices off at least 2 hours before bed. 

Have a no phone or television night. 

Go a full week without television. 

Deep breathe. 

Go to a yoga class. 

Get a massage. 

Get fascial. 

Relax by the pool or ocean.

Develop a vision board and look at it frequently. 

Identify which stress factors need to be eliminated from your life and produce a strategy to do so. 

Plan a holiday (something to look forward to is continuously a good idea). 

Get a mani / Pedi with a friend. 

You scattered essential oils in your house. 

Make time for a good friend or family member. 


Change is hard. I believe we can all agree on that. Small, easy actions can lead up to massive modifications if you want to be constant. Start small. That's why I created this list - so you can get a concept of the little things you can implement today or tomorrow that will enhance your health, health, and fitness. Do what you can with where you're at.

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