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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Coronavirus - Ancient Secrets of Resistance and Health Conservation

Before spiritual awakening, the mind is propelled by fundamental subconscious believed programs. Due to the method Nature or advancement functions, we each entered into this world already published in natural adherence to Nature's permanent laws. No individual escapes this activity, which runs in the mind and body. These inherited energy patterns are the permanent rules of Nature in providing our personal relative life experiences. 

The content nature of these subconscious patterns exists following the seed standard produced in previous lives.

Based on these previously created journey-seeds, the laws of Nature - laws of mind - manifest corresponding worlds to fit these seed patterns' paradigms. Every previous seed believed, which was accepted in a much deeper sense as real, recreates to form our reality after birth. The laws of Nature continue material symptoms of the seeds into maturity until the cycle is interrupted by mindful Awareness. 

Because of these ignorance-based mind-sets or thought seeds, the corresponding lower intellect - instead of resolute intelligence-- has no choice however adhere faithfully and establish lifestyles and relationships around which our lives can reflect these lower-nature seed patterns, thereby repeating this level of Awareness forever.

Unfortunately, this unwitting higher-nature ignorance is the origin of almost every understood illness or infection on the planet. Logic suggests that, at some level, this known fact must extend into the realm of the possible or unknown condition such as today's Coronavirus pandemic. Simply put, prevention is possible, which is better than a cure.

In the sleeping soul state, we're without stability, equipoise: our mental-physical equilibrium falls prey to all the laws of revers - good-bad, love-hate, like-dislike, disease-harmony. In other words, the laws of Nature meet ignorance-based consciousness to excellence. It does so to keep us bound to its authority. Because of this unwitting 'fall from grace,' our life is lived under the spell of illusory existence-- recognizing solely with the uploaded birth requirement of disease-consciousness and all the implications of addictive lifestyles. We are hence perpetuating a vicious cycle of finding treatments for circumstances that could have been prevented. Put, spiritual blindness continues in perpetuity up until we raise the lower human requirement to a more excellent standard: one established in spiritual Awareness.

Soul's desire for advancement

At some point in our life, the soul's desire for growth and advancement begins surfacing from within. When 'suffering' becomes too much, an inner dialogue along the lines 'enough suffices,' 'what can I do to escape this.' Much like biblical Paul's flash on the road to Damascus. This flash minute, of course, was a flash of intuitive Awareness, which becomes cognizable. For some, this may be right after teenage years, for others during personal crises or an unguarded ego moment, or an unwary seed of inspiration is picked up from another soul.

In times of crisis, when there are very few alternatives offered, we become alert and acutely delicate to life-saving guidance. These prompts equate to divine wisdom: our soul shrieking for what we should do next. For additional life advancement, this soul-listening or soul-attuning is crucial. 

The soul's desire for spiritual evolution is among those symphonic points when that particular Que, flash, or inner timely ends up being the driver to some extreme useful action: maybe a detoxification program leading to inner freedom from addictive life patterns or some soul-destroying habits. 

But always keeping in mind that liberty from the engaging laws of Nature is a conscious decision.

When practices like meditation and yoga begin making impression-seeds in mind, start stirring the asleep consciousness into self-inquiry awareness. In the beginning, we won't understand much about these practices; however, deep down, they resonate a spiritual vibration in us. This resonance is magnificent triggering. 

Catch 22 

Now, in this context, of spiritual awakening, we exist with the classic problem or catch-22 scenario. On the one hand, due to this acquired subconscious conditioning-- habitual tension, fear, and lack of knowledge-- while on the other, disrupting this automated activity needs a mindful decision to break this soul-sleeping cycle and eventual escape from it into the awakening level.

Making this choice is akin to self-force awakening from a bad dream. Even though we're sleeping, we feel in one's bones; we must escape this griping headache. Even in the plan, awakening calls for real effort. Herein lies the hint. We exist with the nightmare to awaken from it. Similarly, with ignorance-based life, we decide to awaken from its problem presence. 

This is the most significant effort-requiring decision we'll ever make in our whole life. Like a dream, it calls for strength and guts. But once we start, we'll continuously awaken. The distinction being, the goal is a fabrication, an illusion, whereas You are real. 

And while we're born in this lower world of law dominance, at another level of soul, human beings are encoded with immortality DNA. However, once again,

Likewise, like dream awakening, as soon as this inner journey commences, the target of immortality and Self-awareness ends up being unmissable. At a particular point, we'll have established a level of Awareness from which we will 'know' immortality. But, in between knowing and non-knowing, much shedding and inner awakening will have taken place. 

I am carrying on.

Re-aligning mind-body for an extra immunity

Numerous are the laws of Nature, therefore we cannot align with each direction separately. This isn't easy. But what is possible, what is achievable, is re-aligning the mind so that there is automated mind-body-health-harmony co-ordination with all the laws of Nature all at once. This is how the body's immune system is weaponized in resisting viral attacks such as Covid-19. This process of cosmic mind positioning promotes the thymus gland into releasing the required quota of fully grown antibodies or leukocyte-- pathogens or antigens-- into the body's immune system, which then travels through a now strengthened circulatory system bringing further health-infused oxygen to every part of the body.

This disease-free health method presents a whole new dynamic for the typical individual to start our lives naturally and cost-free.

The Three Gunas of Nature

Let us now resolve these many laws of Nature by their umbrella titles. They come under what the immortal Bhagavad-Gita calls the three Gunas. These three Gunas are the qualities or characteristics working within each people from birth, the laws of Nature, as discussed earlier. Gaining knowledge of guna interaction is where real spiritual schooling begins. It's from here-- from this practiced understanding-- that total physical health, wellness, and soul freedom develop tangibly in consciousness.

The 3 Gunas are:

Sattva - consistency, goodness, spirituality

Rajas - passion, activity, ambition

Tamas - inertia, dullness, sloth

Jointly these three elements of Nature are accountable for all production, dissolution, and upkeep. Such is how physical creation and advancement continue in perpetuity eternally. 

As we can observe, each guna has a specific quality of Nature. And at particular phases in our life, one of these qualities might be the dominant guna or any set of guns interacting with each other. Simply put, we can be feeling blissfully pleased one day and the next day the reverse - the gunas contend for supremacy over our free choice. Bhagavad-gita describes this alternating activity as the gunas acting upon gunas. This is why we do not get attached even to the Sattva requirement since it too is binding. But, what is non-binding and consistent is Pure Sattva. This state represents soul freedom, which is acquired through regular meditation.

And while all three guns are present simultaneously in mind-body, the Greater Self or Soul, being transcendental, lies beyond the gunas, beyond aging and rotting. Therein lies THE trick of ideal health. The formless state of unruffled calm is genuinely the inactive miracle waiting for an awareness through which to reflect. We can each be that Prism of consciousness.

The human soul sets out in life from the tamas-rajas level. Later on, raja guna spurs us warrior-like to explore the material world's treasure troves, ownerships, and synthetic joy. Later again, through maturity-- or burnout-- we find that the product ownerships and artificial happiness are not providing that innately popular 'something.' That sub-terrain quality of inner space, peace, and joy, or Pure Sattva. This Pure Sattva state can exist along with the disorderly world activity. We don't need to self-isolate in a cavern or abbey. No, we live typical lives in whichever societal culture we're born into.

Guiding Scriptures to Bliss-consciousness

Here are some beautiful bibles, each expressing precisely the same message of health, liberation, and peace. 

The Bible states: Jesus said, "First seek ye the kingdom of paradise (Excellence) and all else will be added" (added unto Awareness.). 

Then, in the immortal five thousand years old Bhagavad-Gita, chapter 2 verse 45, Lord Krishna states: "Lack the three guns, O Arjuna, freed from duality" significance, freed from the guideline of opposites, the laws of Nature. 

These two key scriptures present the same methods of acquiring contact with the Transcendent Divine Principle hidden within all human beings, despite our culture.

Again, Jesus said: "My kingdom is not of this world" significance, that Pure Consciousness is not of time-space and causation,

And, "the kingdom of God is within" - referring to the divine potential within consciousness, which Possible when recognized, is Pure Consciousness, Pure Sattva—likewise termed Bliss-Consciousness or Cosmic-Consciousness. 

Transcending the Gunas and submitting disease-free health. Therefore the art of disentanglement from subconscious mind-sets especially regards health, is through transcendence. Transcendence is currently Perfect, currently Pure Awareness. No worldly disorder can exist here. Absolutely nothing of this world can gain access into Pure Awareness, thus the requirement of inner improvement. This is where inner silence and utter mental surrender can be found in.

Unfavorable idea entanglement is what keeps the mind and body trapped in perpetual suffering. Transcendence, on the other hand, is what frees the mind-body from thought entanglement interaction.

Therefore, the function of the three Gunas of Nature is to keep each human soul bound to thought entanglement, attached to its authority in the location of the 'world' presence. Hence, the goal of life for each soul is to transcend the laws of Nature and transcend beyond 'the world' of the three Gunas. There is no higher spiritual accomplishment than this act of personal transcendence.

And because we have risen above area, causation and time, in transcendence, there is no aging or decomposing of the cellular body throughout the meditation session -we're developing conscious immortality awareness. 

After acquiring pure transcendental consciousness, the mind, post-meditation, keep a particular level of ethereal bliss nature till our next meditation. Two times daily meditation is imperative in making metaphysical Awareness a long-term state. We do not take sides with the guns at this level, nor do we respond to their inter-functioning. Self-Bliss Awareness is now experienced as separate from the activity of the world. 

Bhagavad-gita, chapter 6, verses 10-15, sets out the easy meditation method, resulting in transcendence, and how to practice it.

This meditation practice is undoubtedly the trick to having a healthy nervous system and, more remarkably, enhancing the body's immune system activities for our total health benefit, mainly the release of leukocyte, or T-cells, from the thymus gland. These are the warriors who safeguard the mind-body against any foreign intruders entering into it. This is how the entire mind-body-cellular-molecular structure is made permanently harmonious and blissfully healthy.

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