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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

How Does Insulin Pen Work?

An insulin pen is a device that is utilized to minimize type 1 diabetes, which is triggered due to a shortage of insulin in the body. It is usually taken by clients when their blood glucose levels fall listed below 70mg / dL. Let us talk about in brief the parts of this pen, followed by its working system.

Components of an insulin pen

There are mainly five components of the insulin pen.

1. Cartridge: It is used to hold defined insulin recommended by a physician to his / her patient. 

2. Cartridge holder: The pen's body supports the cartridge to be in a position. 

3. Needle: Utilized to inject insulin. It is disposable, which is screwed to the cartridge whenever a client injects insulin. 

4. Dial: It is utilized to set and measure the needed dose of insulin. 

5. Knob: When a knob of an insulin pen is pushed, a needle injects the insulin into our body.

How does insulin pen work?

An insulin pen is generally injected into the subcutaneous tissue. It is a sort of fat located under the skin between our skin and muscle. Since these tissues absorb insulin quickly and improve the chances of getting the right dosage, it is preferred to inject insulin into the fatty tissues. Therefore, they should be injected into fatty tissues besides muscles as it might prevent insulin's performance.

Actions to follow while using an insulin pen

There are important actions to be followed before using an insulin pen.

1. You need to clean your hands and choose a clean place for injecting insulin. 

2. You require to be sure of the type of insulin you are prescribed to take. 

3. You need to check whether insulin is clear or cloudy; If cloudy, you need to rub it between your palms for 1 minute to make it clear. Shaking of the insulin pen need to be avoided 

4. You require to get alcohol wipes and disposable needles 

5. Insert the needle into the cartridge thoroughly by eliminating its paper tab. Eliminate the outer cap after fixing the hand and get rid of the inner lid.

6. You need to prime the pen. Priming is a phenomenon utilized to eliminate air bubbles in the needle to ensure that the hand is working effectively. To prime the needle, you need to press the knob of the pen and ought to enable a minimum of 1-2 drops to appear. Then, change the required dosage level with the help of a knob.

7. You need to select the appropriate location for injecting insulin. Mostly insulin is injected into the abdominal area, front and side of thighs, upper arm, and external components. Because utilizing the same injection location may solidify the tissue under the skin and affect insulin working, you require to rotate your injection sites. Also, areas with moles and scars need to be avoided as this may hinder insulin efficiency. After picking your ideal website, inject the insulin thoroughly into the body. 

8. Then, you must wipe the injected location with alcohol, put plaster, and clean over the spot if essential when you observe bleeding. 

9. You need to loosen the utilized needle and replace the outer cap. Dispose of the hand into your bin.

10. Store your pen at space temperature and avoid too hot and too cold areas as this may impact the performance of insulin. 

As quickly as the insulin enters our body, it starts working and manages the blood glucose/sugar levels. It makes the entire process extremely simple to a type-1 diabetic patient. What he/she requires is a necessary shot of insulin from his / her pen.

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