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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Today Is Still the Day

"There are two days in the year where you can refrain from doing anything - THE OTHER DAY and TOMORROW. Only today, can you more than happy, smile, dream, love, and be grateful." - Pablo. 

Mindfulness is a substantial buzz-word today; However, being present in the moment and living consciously has been shown to enhance health. This is true of all elements of health, consisting of weight reduction. You may have made errors that have resulted in being overweight now, but that is the past — the other day. You can't change that. 

You might want to do things differently in the future so that you alter your outcomes. I applaud you for that; however, that remains in the future. Tomorrow. You can't do anything about that either - yet.

What you can do is modify today. Today is the only day you have to deal with. It is where we live. The only moment you can alter is the one you are in right now. 

That is why I called my book, which is now readily available on Amazon. Today is Still the Day. Today will always be the only time we have to make changes that will have an impact. We will be able to review what we did today and evaluate whether it worked well or not. We can prepare ahead; However, we still have to execute that plan in the minute. 

Your understanding determines your truth and, consequently, your habits. All of us have filters created by our past experiences and beliefs that we see life through. Those filters identify how you feel about things and, in turn, will determine whether you are successful or stop working.

For instance, if you have attempted to reduce weight before and haven't been successful, even if you are utilizing a various strategy this time, by just working on autopilot, you will still see your efforts through the filter of your past failure and feel as though it is a losing fight. You might not even be mindful of believing those things. However, your subconscious runs your life, and that's where your filter resides. 

I discuss "refocusing your lens" in Today is Still the Day strategy. What that relates to is adjusting your filter by becoming aware of it. You can slip off your system and see it as a failure, or you can consider it a lesson found out and progress smarter.

You can look at a new method of consuming as an adventure you will enjoy that will move you towards accomplishing your physical fitness goals and healthy life, or you can take a look at it as denying yourself of foods you like. You will miss the reality that you will be attempting new foods that you may just (and most likely will!) Take pleasure in a lot more. However, all of it depends on how you see things. 

While what you consume and how active you have a substantial influence on your success or failure in getting to the health goal you've set, everything starts in your thinking NOW.

And you are in control of that! Because very little seems to be within our control, that is very great news. Your filter is something you can adjust. That makes you powerful, possibly more than you ever understood, and has a direct effect on how you feel today. And today is the only day you have. 

So I would like to motivate you to open this gift God has provided us of today - it is called the present after all! And I would encourage you to consider acquiring my book so you can start today, making some modifications that can make a huge difference in your tomorrows. It would make a thoughtful present too!

Ann Musico is a holistic coach and independent nutritional expert. She has developed a "3-D Living Program" to help her coaching clients in accomplishing vibrant health and wholeness - soul, body, and spirit. For more information about the "3-D Living Program," her book, Today is Still the Day, along with the coaching bundles she offers. Subscribe to her complimentary monthly newsletter and weekly email messages.

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